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Why do I need to pay for service in advance?
We are able to offer better pricing when customers pay when making their reservations. Think of buying a ticket for an airline, your gym membership, or a concert. Most companies that provide a service are in a better position to anticipate demand and control costs, when reservations are complete.

Why must I pay for the whole night, if I only need the car a few hours?
We offer hourly pricing for morning and afternoon events; but after 5:00 pm. most everyone wants a limousine for a night out, especially on weekends. It is not possible to break up and evening, so our limousines and chauffeurs are booked for at least 5 hours after five.

Hey -- can we eat and drink in the limo?
Yes, feel free to drink coffee, bring snacks, a cooler, a bottle of wine ... No problem.


You choose the day and time.
This deal is good any day of the week; any time of day.

Those are clean cars.
We don't place advertising on our limousines. No stickers, phone numbers, pinstripes... Only the clean classic lines of the Lincoln Town Car.
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Connect your music.
Bring your iPod, or Mp3 and listen to your music on our premium Kenwood Audio System. Bluetooth lets you connect without the wires.
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Frequently Asked
Inside the limousines

Can my driver pick us up at 3:30 AM. for an early flight?
Yes. Our service operates 24 hours a day. Early flights are not unusual.

Do you do proms? Our kids need a limo for their prom.
Yes, we offer service for proms. We are sure, your "kids," will enjoy plugging-in their music to our limousines' awesome sound systems.

How will I find my driver when I arrive at the airport?
We send your driver's cell phone number to you by email, the day before your flight. Also, our drivers will call your cell phone when they arrive at the airport. So, it's easy to find your ride home.

What if my flight is late? Will I miss my ride?
No. We track your flight and HighLight Limousine Service does not charge extra for late flights, arriving the same day. Your limousine will be waiting for you.