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This month we have our 5 for $125 special.

This deal the deal. You pay only $125 for one of our strech limousines to take up to 5 people, from your home or office, to Logan Airport in Boston.

The price of $125 includes all taxes and fees. Gratuities are Separate.
Passengers can each bring 2 pieces of luggage.

This special rate is for anyone in our service area. We are going to continue this popular rate until the beginning of December.

There are additional charge for extra passengers (more than 5) and for extra stops.

You choose the day and time.
This deal is good any day of the week; any time of day.

Those are clean cars.
We don't place advertising on our limousines. No stickers, phone numbers, pinstripes... Only the clean classic lines of the Lincoln Town Car.
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Connect your music.
Bring your iPod, or Mp3 and listen to your music on our premium Kenwood Audio System. Bluetooth lets you connect without the wires.
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About this Special
Our 5 for $125 special is a $30 discount off our regular price.

"I rented HighLight Limousine for 4 young couples going from Bedford, MA to their senior prom in Danvers. I was a little nervous because I'd heard a few "horror" stories about late limos, lost limos, old limos, etc. Well, my worries were needless.
The limo arrived early and the driver was very professional.
The kids said the car was well-maintained and comfortable. I am very pleased with the service and value.
robin ... June 2013