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We care about our environment.

Our goal is to keep the impact we have on nature, small.
Yes, we have a hybrid in our fleet. It's the American made Ford Cmax, which travels 45 miles on a gallon of fuel in the city, or on the highway.

Here are more things we do to keep New England green.
1. We use premuim gasoline. It costs more, but burns cleaner and gives us a few miles extra for each gallon.

2. Our cars are equipped with Eco Route systems. This system monitors the car's operating condition, so we know each limousine is running well. Eco Route also gives us real time information on traffic and the best routes to improve effciency.

3. To keep our carbon footprint small, HighLight Limousine Service buys what already exists. Instead of ordering new cars, we purchase low milage vehicles and restore them to their orignial beauty. So far, we saved over 15,000 lbs. ofmetals, wire, tubes, plastic, metals and plastics, plus the energy needed for production.

Those are smooth rides.
Step in and forget about the weather. Our limousines have dual heating and cooling systems. When it is too hot or too cold outside, it's the right temperature in the limousine.
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Connect your music.
Bring your iPod, or Mp3 and listen to your music on our premium Kenwood Audio System. Bluetooth lets you connect without the wires.
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